Product: 2 / 9

Work unit (whitout doors)

Worktop without backsplash (type A). Substructure enclosed on 3 sides and down with height adjustable shelf.

Depth 600mm
Depth 700mm
Extra cost
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Article numberPrice €
Length 400 mmASG 0604A 0000437,-
Length 500 mmASG 0605A 0000456,-
Length 600 mmASG 0606A 0000475,-
Length 700 mmASG 0607A 0000497,-
Length 800 mmASG 0608A 0000519,-
Length 900 mmASG 0609A 0000540,-
Length 1000 mmASG 0610A 0000562,-
Length 1100 mmASG 0611A 0000583,-
Length 1200 mmASG 0612A 0000605,-
Length 1300 mmASG 0613A 0000627,-
Length 1400 mmASG 0614A 0000648,-
Length 1500 mmASG 0615A 0000670,-
Length 1600 mmASG 0616A 0000687,-
Length 1700 mmASG 0617A 0000712,-
Length 1800 mmASG 0618A 0000733,-
Length 1900 mmASG 0619A 0000754,-
Length 2000 mmASG 0620A 0000775,-

Product: 2 / 9
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