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Blast chiller / Shock-freezer 40xGN1/1 / EN 60x40 Roll-in
made from AISI 304 stainless steel inside and outside. PUR insulation foam under high pressure CFC-free haloes. Rounded edges inside the machine. Bottom with integrated drainage and drip groove on the condensate. Insulated bottom with ramp. Fan installed on the side. The removable, easy to keep clean rack with rails. Easy to use control panel with digital display and a temperature probe. The possibility of saving programs and defrost function. Capacity adapted for racks 20xGN 2/1 , 20xEN60x80 or 2 racks 20xGN 1/1 or 20xEN 400x600. Containers to 65mm depth. The blast chiller´s unit is delivered without trolley, ready for assembly. The refrigeration unit is delivered separate. Details about the assembly and installation you can find in the our catalog.
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