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Refrigerated Counter GN 1/1
1-door refrigerated counter for GN 1/1, worktop with 50mm backsplash, with foamed-in evaporator system, convection refrigeration, electronic control, automatic defrosting and evaporation of the defrost water using hot gas, hygienic design, ready to plug-in.
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Housing height: 650 mm
Refrigerant: R290
Gross capacity 140 L
Depth 700 mm
Temperature: °C 0/+12
Accessories: 1 grid stainless steel, 1 pair of rails, tip-proof
Article numberPrice EU
Built-in cooling with worktop with backsplashAKT EK711 16012445.00
Built-in cooling with worktop without backsplashAKT EK711 16022498.00
Built-In Cooling without worktopAKT EK711 16002283.00
Dimensions 790 x 700 x 850 mm (LxWxH)
Connected load 360W / 230V
Refrigeration output 255W temp. odpar. -15°C
temp. otoczenia +16°C / +40°C
Energy consumption 1,60 kWh / 24 h
Article numberPrice EU
Remote cooling with worktop with backsplash*AKT ZK711 16012204.00
Remote cooling with worktop without backsplash*AKT ZK711 16022257.00
Remote Cooling without worktop*AKT ZK711 16002042.00
Dimensions 690 x 700 x 850 mm (LxWxH)
Connected load 50W / 230V
Refrigeration output 170W temp. odpar. -15°C
Article numberPrice EU
Drawers GN 1/1
only left
useful height: 216 mm
A700 070387.00
Drawers GN 1/1
useful height: 115 mm
A700 071585.00
Drawers GN 1/1
useful height: 115/329 mm
A700 072387.00
Technical compartment mounted on the left sideA700 606182.00
Installation compartment monted on left sideA700 605182.00

Extra cost

Pair of rails
A700 550
4 swivel castors (2 with brake) Ø 125 mm
A700 061
4 feet 200 mm high instead of the standard 150 mm
A700 060
Grid steinless steel GN 1/1
A701 435
Lock for door or drawer
A701 436
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