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Multifunction device PRO Plus 13 x GN1/1
Multifunction device Device for blast chilling, blast freezing and contains low temperature (low cooking) regeneration, warming and defrosting functions. Including the ability to program combined heating and cooling cycles. Temperature range up to 80°C. The product is ready for plug-in. Easy Touch control via 7” touch screen with defi nable programs, customized cycles, USB slot, Smart Door automation and sterilization.
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Crosswise loader suitable:13 x GN 1/1-65 mm depth or with additional rails:
17 x GN 1/1-40 mm depth
26 x GN 1/1-20 mm depth or
26 x EN 6040-30 mm (max. depth)

Capacity for blast chilling or blast freezing: up to 65 kg.
Blast chilling capacity
per cycle in accordance with DIN 18872-5:
47 kg (+65°C/+3°C) in 90 minutes
Blast freezing capacity
per cycle in accordance with DIN 18872-5:
47 kg (+65°C/-18°C) in 240 minutes

The process can be started immediately after loading,regardless of the product temperature
Standard accessories:13 pairs of rails
4-points temperature probe
Smart door
sterilization (ozonisation)
Dimensions:790x846x2008 mm (LxDxH)
Power supply:400 V / 2,9 kW
Refrigeration output:7,7 kW (-10°C VT), 1,5 kW (-35°C VT)
Article numberPrice EU
with refrig. machineASK FMEQ1311D-PP16532.00
for central cool*ASK FZKQ1311D-PP13220.00

Extra cost

Hinged on the right side
A702 327
Set of wheels
A700 061
Pair U-trayslide GN1/1 left +right
A702 328
Pair L-trayslide L EN6040 left + right
A702 329
External refrigerating unit for SKC 13xGN1/1
A702 334
Weatherproof housing for external refrigerating unit for SKC 4/8/10/13xGN1/1
A702 335
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